Plywood & Laminates Testing Equipment

Universal Testing Machine

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Unit(s) 

The “Asian” Universal testing machine provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the Tensile, compression, shear strength and elongation of variety of raw materials such as rubber, leather, fabric, plastics, Belts, wires etcetera.

They are based on constant rate of traverse principle in which one end of the test specimen is held in a stationary grip, (or place on the compression plate) while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed with the help of motor, two gear boxes and duel screws arrangement.

The load exerted on the stationary grip is sensed by a load cell and indicated by a digital load indicator and also indicated with graph on the monitor of the computer. The controller is microprocessor based and has the facility of over load protection, peak hold, stop the machine when the sample is break and auto calibration. The load directly indicated in kilograms or Newton.



Hot Air Ovens for Plywood

Approx Price: Rs 17,000 / Unit 

The "Asian" Hot Air Ovens for Plywood & Laminates Testing has a test chamber of double walled construction. The inner walls are made of stainless steel sheet and outer walls of crca sheet. The space between the two walls is filled with mineral wool for insulation. The chamber is fitted with two adjustable perforated shelves for keeping the test specimen or the test equipment on.

The oven is heated electrically with the help of heaters placed in ribs on the bottom and sides of the chamber. (an air circulating fan is provided on the back of the chamber for even temperature distribution) the temperature inside the test chamber is indicated and controlled by digital temperature controller.

The chamber is provided with two ports with adjustable openings for enabling natural change of air inside it by convection. These ports can also be used for providing electrical access to the test specimen kept inside the oven, if so desired.

Conditioning Chamber

Approx Price: Rs 66,000 / Unit(s) 

The "Asian" Conditioning Chamber made of cubical shape, the inner body of the chamber made of stainless steel, there is a stainless steel water tank at the bottom of the chamber, an immersed heater is fitted to the tank for making humidity.

There are two wire mesh tray are also fitted to the chamber, the tray are removable, the test specimen are hold by the trays. There is a hinged door on the front of the instrument; a glass window is fitted to the hinged door.

The outer body is made of mild steel duly powder coated to give it a corrosion resistant long life.

There is a control panel on which digital humidity controller, a digital temperature and switches for cooling, heating, humidity and mains are mounted. The cooling is done by compressor and heating is done by heaters. The temperature sensor and humidity sensor are fitted within the chamber.

Gloss Meter

Approx Price: Rs 25,000 / Unit(s) 

Weiber Gloss Meter is a compact, portable, sensitive & accurate instrument available in two models:- mains operated laboratory purpose and handy battery operated for the measurement of different geometry 45 deg. , 60 deg. , 85deg etc.

The above instruments can be used for the measurement of gloss/brightness of paints, opaque glasses, plastics, ceramics, porcelains, paper, cloths, pigments, flours, powder etc. This instrument is also useful to measurement of brightness/whiteness of plantation white sugar and measurement of reflectance of fabrics.

PH Meter For Plywood

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 / Unit(s) 

Asian PH Meter For Plywood is ideal instrument for determination of pH Value of any solution. The results are displayed on a digit display. These are unique instruments that combine convenience with accuracy and precision in analysis. The temperature compensation facility, both automatic and manual is available.

The measurement range is from 0 to 14 pH.

These are extremely useful instruments for laboratories, textile plants etc.

Moisture Meter

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 / Unit(s) 

Asian Moisture Meter is an electrical resistance type digital moisture meter. If calculates on the basis of mass of water/ mass of solids. Since the electrical conductivity of paper is considerably effected not only by its moisture content, but also by the paper temperature and various substance contained in the paper, Asian Moisture meter has been designed to taken these parameters into consideration to ensure accurate readings.

The hands close naturally around the ergonomic from of the housing so that the pins on the end of instrument can be pressed into the material to be measured. The thin pins make it easy to measure the moisture content of materials upto a maximum thickness of 25 mm.

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